Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop (2011, 89 minutes, Rated R) 3 out of 5 stars

Relatively entertaining if not great documentary chronicling Conan O’Brien’s stage tour following his departure from The Tonight Show in early 2010. Part of the settlement offered to him by NBC included a gag order on any radio, TV, or internet appearances for the next 6 months. It said nothing about doing live shows, so off Coco goes on a 4-months long nationwide tour with us the viewer coming along.

We’re given a lens into Conan’s home life, him riffing with (and often punching) his writing staff, the pre-production of the show and Conan in the immediate minutes after having performed, his self-imposed obligation to signing stuff for fans, and more, but nothing that’s horribly more interesting than anything just listed. What’s obvious is that Conan has the trait that most dedicated performers have, that being the need to be in front of an audience and to “be on”. He says as much himself throughout, yet also bemoans the baggage that comes with such a quality.

Jim Carey, Jack Black, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and various other celebrities make brief appearances throughout. Has some fairly funny parts, but wasn’t nearly as funny as I was expecting it to be.

Worth catching if you’re an absolute Conanaphile but not a must-see by any means.

3 out of 5 stars


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I love movies and love sharing them with friends and family. I found myself constantly giving recommendations (sometimes solicited, sometimes not- ask my Dad) so thought why not do a movie review blog? Every year there are tons of great movies that go under-seen, and what I'll do here is let you know which ones you should check out and what ones you should leave unseen. In my experience, movies in the foreign, indie, and documentary genres most typically go under-seen, so those are the reviews you'll find most prevalent here. You'll also find some older films reviewed, that when released were hits, but over time have seen their visibility wane. I'll try to update the site every weekend, and feedback is welcome, whether it's on a review, a movie I should check out, or on the site itself.
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