The Howling (1981, 91 minutes, Rated R) 2.5 out of 5 stars

This is one I had somehow managed to miss when I was a kid, and being a huge Joe Dante (The ‘burbs, Gremlins) fan, I was really looking forward to it. Not to mention it was co-written by John Sayles. Unfortunately, I can’t say it met my expectations.

This is a campy werewolf movie featuring Dee Wallace as Karen White, a TV news anchorwoman who early on in the movie has an odd encounter with an apparent serial killer that has been stalking her. Before long, she and her husband are out in the woods at a communal retreat, only to soon discover the rest of the community are all werewolves.

That seems like a weak plot synopsis but it’s more indicative of a weak plot itself, because that really about sums it up. The movie manages to be funny on occasion (screeching tires on grass, what has to be the first mention of Scientology in a movie), but it’s not often enough, and the scares and gore are mostly confined to the last 20-30 minutes. The effects are good, and there’s some good werewolf action here and there, but just like the humor, it’s too far and between.

Not recommended. Dated, and not particularly funny or scary. It does get some bonus points for starring Slim Pickens and Dick Miller. And this movie has amazingly spawned something like 8 sequels.

2.5 out of 5 stars


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