Red White & Blue (2010, 103 minutes Rated R) 4 out of 5 stars

Disturbing is the word that would best apply. And good. Very good. Definitely recommended but with a HEAVY warning that it is not a movie for everyone.

Erica (Amanda Fuller) is a lost girl living in Austin. She lives in a boarding house that she cleans in lieu of paying rent. Mostly though, she roams the bars of 6th Street, hopping into the beds of any willing guy she can find. This includes the three members of the band The Exits, who come into play later.

Erica soon meets Nate (Noah Taylor) however, a new inhabitant of the boarding house, who treats her nicely, and gets her a job at the home improvement store he works at. Nate tells her he was honorably discharged from the Army after a stint in Iraq and is currently considering a job offer from the CIA. His admiration of Erica seems sincere, and not something she is used to. Not surprisingly, before long she’s reverted back to her promiscuous ways, all she’s really ever known.

At this point in the movie, the focus shifts to Frankie (Marc Senter), who is one of the band members of The Exits and who the viewer was briefly introduced to earlier in the movie. We learn that Frankie has a mother who is stricken with cancer and that The Exits are getting ready to tour Europe.

We also learn something else at this point that can’t be stated here without giving too much of the movie away. And that “something else” drives the rest of the movie, which by the end is essentially a sharp, tense, and as previously mentioned, disturbing, revenge movie. Categorizing it as just a “revenge movie” is oversimplifying, but still fits.

It is disturbing on several levels, and consistently. Mostly psychologically so. I am not a fan of “torture porn” and was worried that’s what this would be, but it’s isn’t. Most of the violence is off-screen, the viewer just seeing the aftermath (still not pleasant, but relatively tame by today’s standards). That is, until the final scene, which is one of the most twisted I’ve ever seen.

This is not a movie you forget. The last 30 minutes are very suspenseful. It’s far from perfect- the editing is a bit overdone and film-schoolish at times, and there are times when you wonder where the hell it is going. But stick with it and you’re rewarded.  I definitely recommend this if you like dark (REAL dark) stuff and can stomach a really gross (but pretty original I guess?) ending. I also loved that there’s a healthy little dose of political subtext in it. You’ll know what I mean if you watch it.

4 out of 5 stars


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